DropBox 1.3 for iPhone, iPad now in App Store

DropBox for iPhone and iPad has just been updated to version 1.3 and you can get it now from the iTunes App Store. Like Apple's own iDisk, it lets you store files online and sync them locally as well. Unlike iDisk it's lightning fast, provides versioning (like Time Machine), and does a host of other great stuff as well. New features and fixes in 1.3 include:

  • UI re-design with numerous visual enhancements including retina display support
  • File caching (no need to re-download files you've already viewed!)
  • Fullscreen landscape file viewing on iPad
  • Finish uploads and downloads while in the background
  • Create folders
  • Bug fix for viewing CSV and some broken HTML files

The app is free, the service is free up to 2GB and then you can pay for 50GB and 100GB options. If you try out the new version, let us know what you think. Personally, I'm not digging the new UI yet, but I'll give it some time...

[iTunes link (opens in new tab)]

Rene Ritchie

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  • Still the best. I wish they'd add text file editing, so I could ditch Droptext and Evernote.
  • Does it have support to open email attachments yet? I'd love the ability to save attachments to my dropbox directly from my iPhone mailbox.
  • @Webvex,
    You could always pick up Docs2Go (DataViz) or QuickOffice. Both support DropBox accounts and document editing.
  • JNGold, thanks, but those are both overkill for simple text files and notes. @JasonM, no, sorry, but there's probably some convoluted way to get them over to Dropbox (e.g. something like the apps JNGold mentions).
  • Really liking the new user interface. I still wish they added a delete function to delete multiple files simultaneously.
    If you guys are planning to sign up, you can check the link in my name to get extra space.
  • One of the best Apps; by far, we have tested at our professional Apple iPhone repair laboratory in Auckland, New Zealand.