Dropbox support coming to Office for iPhone and iPad

Microsoft has teamed up with Dropbox to offer the users of the version of Office for iPad, along with the free version of Office for iPhone users, a quick way to both save and sync their documents and files on their Dropbox cloud storage account. The new feature will be added in an update that's due out in the next few weeks.

So why offer Dropbox support when Microsoft already has its own cloud storage service, OneDrive? Microsoft already knows that's where you're keeping Office files anyway:

With data and mobile usage exploding globally, millions of people are turning to Dropbox and Office to access, manage and collaborate on their files from anywhere, anytime. Over 1.2 billion people use Office to get work done, and Dropbox has become home to more than 35 billion Office files.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

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  • This is huge, now you don't have to use OneDrive.
  • If you're saying this because people have already had files on Dropbox, I agree. Otherwise, if you're saying it sucks, I disagree - with Office 365 you get unlimited storage.
  • But, with extensions in iOS 8, doesn't it already kind of have support? Also to Google Drive, Bittorrent Sync etc. Thought that was the whole idea behind extensions, that you didn't have to "build in" support for things like this.
  • Well, if you're willing to go back and forth between apps and expect developers to build that out. Ideally, Microsoft would use the Document Picker and allow customers total choice.
  • Would be nice to just open excel, chose a file in dropbox and start working instead of having to go through dropbox first. Sent from the iMore App
  • Dropbox likely just saved itself. MS is proving it really is a software company - cloud first + mobile first. Google has got a big fight ahead for this space. Sent from the iMore App