Dwellable for iPhone and iPad review: find rentals at all the top vacation spots in the US

Dwellable for iPhone and iPad is a vacation rental app that aggregates rentals from several different sources and companies to give you a comprehensive list of what's available at many popular vacation destinations. The usual suspects are included such as Hawaii and Florida as well as many more.

If you're looking to book a vacation and hotels just aren't your thing, Dwellable for iPhone and iPad may be able to help.

Once you've downloaded Dwellable to your iPhone or iPad, launching it will take you to the Where are you going? screen that allows you to choose from different vacation spots. These include places such as several areas in Hawaii, Disney/Orlando, Cape Cod, Lake Tahoe, Palm Springs, San Diego, Vail, and more. After you've selected an area you can normally narrow them down by more specific locations if you'd like or choose to view all rentals together.

The general search result screen will show you one photo, the title of the rental, how many bedrooms and baths, and what rental company or resort it belongs to if applicable. Dwellable also allows you to favorite rentals by adding a star next to the listing for easy access later. Tapping into a vacation listing will give you even more information including contact information for booking, a full feature listing, and in most cases, lots of photos to browse through.

After you are within search results in Dwellable, you'll notice that you will now see a bottom navigation menu that includes a few different views. The list view is the default view and shows the names of properties and a brief description of each. The next option is photos which gives you one large picture with information overlaid. You can then swipe left and right through search results and tap into any that interest you. Map view does exactly what you would expect it to do and gives you a map view of where each property is located.

The date board is an especially cool feature and allows you to view when properties are available. You can filter and set date ranges accordingly. This is nice if you know exactly when you'd like to travel but don't want to get your heart set on a property that may or may not be available for that specified time frame.

The good

  • Gorgeous interface with tons of high quality imagery
  • A large amount of rentals for all areas supported
  • The date board feature makes it easy to see what properties are available at a quick glance

The bad

  • Not an actual booking system so you'll need to do that by calling the property owner
  • The app seems dependent on owners updating their booking information and blocked out dates on their own, this could cause inaccuracies in availability if owners don't do this regularly

The bottom line

For anyone who plans on traveling to any of the supported vacation destinations and doesn't fancy staying in hotels, Dwellable for iPhone and iPad is a great way to find rentals you may have not even known about otherwise. Everything from the imagery to the features lists make it easy to browse properties and narrow down options.

Before booking your next trip through one of the typical travel websites, I'd highly recommend checking out Dwellable and you may be surprised at what you find.

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