EA Mobile Hands-on with Sim 3: World Adventure -- TiPb @ CES 2010

EA Mobile's Sims 3: World Adventure for iPhone brings an airport to your simulated town, first established in the original Sims 3 game, and you can now jump on a plane and visit France, Egypt, and China -- and play mini-games like accelerometer air sickness avoidance -- while you fly. (Yes, it's fun!)

We don't have all the details, but EA mentioned some way to capture image-based information from the original game and use that to load character info into the new game. If it's as slick as it sounds, that's a smart way to get around Apple's no-sharing data sandbox for apps.

Either way, if you enjoyed the first iPhone Sims 3 game, EA is planning to give you more of what you loved -- lots more, and they give TiPb a sneak peak look at it -- after the jump!

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