EASA approves use of electronic devices at all stages on European flights

Following the recent FAA decision to approve electronic devices for use in all stages of flight, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has published its own guidelines and it's good news for Euro flyers. The agency has approved the use of Electronic devices for all stages of flight, providing said devices are put into Airplane mode during travel.

The guidelines are expected to be published by the end of November, and while bulkier devices such as laptops will need to be stowed for taxiing, takeoff and landing, everything else such as your iPhone, iPad and iPod should be good to use gate-to-gate. Actual cellular use such as calls and text messages will still be banned during flight, though the EASA has also said it is looking into ways to make this a possibility in the future.

Of course, following the release of the agency guidelines it's then down to the individual airlines to adopt them. This began relatively quickly in the U.S, so here's hoping that the same applies here in Europe. I'm excited for this, how about you guys?

Source: EASA via The Verge

Richard Devine

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