Trufflehead is a healthy cooking and recipe app for the iPhone and iPad. It features over 260 recipes including vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, low-cal, and low-fat dishes as well as hyperlinks to find more information about ingredients.

Trufflehead is a cooking app that works for you. Whether you're a good cook already or about to become one, you decide when and how much input you need to prepare healthy food that looks and tastes great. It's all at your fingertips—from ingredient IDs and reference guides, to smart shopping lists, and how-to demos packed into 260+ recipes. But Trufflehead is more than just an app! Beyond all of its premium features, is your ticket to share this unique adventure in food.

  • Over 260 full-flavored recipes – 160 vegetarian, 150 dairy-free, 110 gluten-free, and more than 200 low-cal and low-fat dishes; over half the recipes can be prepared in 30 minutes or less, and 95% are budget-friendly. All carry nutrition data.
  • Recipe-embedded hyperlinks to comprehensive info on over 200 ingredients and more than 150 equipment photo IDs.
  • 170 step-specific multi-media demos accessible directly from recipes.
  • "Smart" shopping lists that integrate ingredients from multiple recipes and group identical items together for easy shopping.
  • Priority Organics labeling of ingredients that are best purchased in organic form.
  • Doppelgänger recipes in "Simple" and "Not-so-Simple" versions so that new cooks can start slow and grow as they master techniques and become familiar with ingredients.
  • Interactive usability allows you to upload photos of your Trufflehead creations to, the online community for celebrating and sharing your experiences with the Trufflehead Universe.

Trufflehead is available on the iPhone and iPad for $3.99.

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