ecobee's previously leaked camera may support Apple's HomeKit

Ecobee Camera
Ecobee Camera (Image credit: Zatz Not Funny! (camera) / FCC (label))

What you need to know

  • FCC filing for ecobee camera shows a HomeKit code label.
  • ecobee SmartCamera was previously leaked, but not announced as of yet.
  • Camera also supports voice control.

ecobee's upcoming SmartCamera has seen a series of leaks already, and today brings yet another one courtesy of the FCC. In a new filing from ecobee, a sample label is shown off that suggests that the yet to be announced camera will support Apple's HomeKit.

Ecobee Camera Homekit Label Fcc Filing

Ecobee Camera Homekit Label Fcc Filing (Image credit: FCC)

Outside of its name, ecobee SmartCamera with Voice Control, and the URL which is not live as of yet, details surrounding the camera are scarce. We expect that the voice control feature will work the same as the company's thermostat line, using internal microphones and Amazon's Alexa built-in.

Other features for the camera could include a temperature sensor to allow it to work just like ecobee's Room Sensors, and HomeKit support would enable it to work with Siri, scenes, and automations. HomeKit Secure Video, Apple's privacy focused camera recording feature could also be in the works, but just having another HomeKit camera on the market is pretty big news for fans of the platform.

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