Editor's desk: Return of the daily app roundups!

On any given day hundreds of new and updated titles hit the iOS and Mac App Store. We all care very deeply about some, and not at all about others. And therein lies the challenge — how best to cover the ones that don't appeal to a large cross-section of our readership, the ones outside the overlap? Well, we think we have an idea. It's an old one, but we're going to do it with a new twist!

You've told us in no uncertain terms you want us covering more apps and games, but it just doesn't make sense to do separate posts for every one of them. The iMore Home page would wrap around the moon and back. So, while we'll still be breaking out a few of the most popular, most critical apps and updates individually, and continuing — and diversifying! — our awesome and acclaimed best apps posts, we're also going to bring back our daily app roundups.

However, we're going to be keeping them live all day, every day (weekday, that is!). That means they'll go up in the morning, and we'll be updating them until the evening. So there'll always be new stuff ready and waiting for you. We'll still be curating them with extreme prejudice, so there will be more apps and games some days, less others, but we'll endeavor to make sure whatever we include is worthy of your attention.

As always, you guys will be welcome to add your own favorite apps and updates of the day to the comments, in case we miss something, or if your tastes are simply different — and maybe better — than ours.

We're also toying with the idea of inviting developers to add their own new apps and updates to the comments. We want to avoid spam, absolutely, and will keep extra moderators and extra ban-hammers at the ready, but there are a ton of developers doing great work, hoping for some extra exposure, and maybe this is a way to help them out as well?

We're going to be playing around with the format internally for a little while, but the new posts should start going live, and staying live, in the next few days. Right now I'd love your feedback — what do you want to see in modern, 2014-style daily new and updated apps post from iMore? How would you like us to handle iOS vs. Mac apps? Should we open it up to dev's in the comments?