Enpass 5.2 brings enhanced 3D Touch support and two-factor authentication

Enpass for iOS and OS X has been updated to version 5.2. This latest release adds enhanced 3D Touch support for more ways to interact with the app, as well as time-based passwords. Now you can configure temporary passwords that time out just like they do in authenticator apps. This handy addition saves time by not requiring you to switch apps should you wish to take advantage of two-factor authentication.

The improved 3D Touch support enables users of the app to "peek" at item details by firmly selecting one from any list. Swiping up on-screen will bring to view more actions to copy values and even launch supported URLs. This latest release of Enpass also improves the Safari browser extension, introducing searching and the ability to update passwords.

Those of you on iOS will be able to manually select fields and conveniently share them. This feature will be rolled out to OS X and other platforms soon. But that's not all, there are even more improvements for both iOS and OS X in version 5.2, so be sure to check out the official announcement post for links to respective changelogs.

Rich Edmonds