Eucalyptus E-Book Reader Now Approved, Available in App Store

This time, same as the last time, the initial, stupefying rejection of e-book reader Eucalyptus has been followed up by web outrage and now App Store acceptance. (Can we officially call these the 4 stages of App Store grief'ing now?) From developer Montgomerie's blog (via Macworld):

Earlier today I received a phone call from an Apple representative. He was very complimentary about Eucalyptus. We talked about the confusion surrounding its App Store rejections, which I am happy to say is now fully resolved. He invited me to re-build and submit a version of Eucalyptus with no filters for immediate approval, and that full version is now available on the iPhone App Store. [$9.99 - iTunes link]

Eucalyptus provides a pretty amazing UI through which to access all the free content at Project Gutenberg. If you enjoy classic literature and drop-dead gorgeous iPhone interaction, check it out and let us know what you think!

Rene Ritchie

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  • great that he got his app approved, but what makes this worth 9.99 when you can get stanza for free. what does it offer that stanza doesn't ?
  • I also think it is great. I have to say that it is probably priced to high for the iphone market, but it is a great app and as a developer myself I can see that it took the developer lots of work to create it. This needs to be paid for...
    I think Stanza gets paid by royalties on sold books.
    The real problem with this app is the limitation to project gutemberg books.
    Because of that I will stick with the ebook apps I am currently using: BookShelf and Kindle
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  • Does it download the book and is it possible to read it offline?
  • @Florian:
    Yes, but those abilities are not uncommon with readers.
    Go Download the free Stanza app. Its better than Kindle app, and does everything this reader does for zero money.
    The page turning is laborious, and slow, the available downloads are really limited to Gutenberg, and it only handles ASCII file format according to its web page.
    This is a ridiculous price for a reader unless it sits on your bedside and tucks you in at night, reads you a story, sings you a lullaby and calls you "sweetie".
  • I agree that it looks nice, but what is the purpose of going to the trouble of developing such a limited application when it offers nothing that you can't already get for free?
  • Been reading and searching for free books from Gutenberg with EReader for months, for free (also reading paid for current releases). What does this do for $10 that I can't do with EReader. I'll stick with EReader and kindle.
  • Evilhomer,
    Have you tried to read Gutenberg books on your iPhone without this reader? Not fun.
    I just downloaded the reader and have read some more of Count of Monte Cristo, which I had been reading on Classics iPhone app and on my laptop. The Gutenberg app really does look nicer than Classics, more sophisticated, and the table of contents is better.
    I found this website because I was looking for the app designer contact info. I want them to include in the next upgrade the little page turn sound that Classics has. That's the only thing missing. I like the sound!
  • I obtained this app and I must say it is really awesome. I prefered the tilt mechanism in the beam it down readers but this reader is so awesome I am now using it more. For my classic readings that is.
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  • Glad I could help, the DM's do have a tendency to fill up from time to time