Smart home accessory maker Eve today announced the launch of its Eve Energy Strip. The device was first unveiled at CES 2019 and features three outlets that can be controlled individually or collectively from the Home app or via Siri, adding smarts to your otherwise dumb appliances.

Eve Energy Strip utilizes Apple's HomeKit framework to connect your devices via Wi-Fi. No additional hub is required in order to get it up and running, though using a HomePod, Apple TV or iPad as a home hub does allow for remote control of the strip when you are away from home.

The strip also tracks energy used by the appliances plugged into it and also gives you projected costs of running a certain device. Using Siri or setting up schedules allows you to turn off power-hungry devices when not in use and eliminate standby time.

No more dumb devices

Eve Energy Strip

Bring all your appliances into your smart home with this HomeKit-enabled power strip with support for scenes, scheduling, and usage monitoring. It also has built-in safeguards against power surges and more.

Using HomeKit you can integrate Eve's Power Strip into your scenes alongside other Eve smart home products and any other smart home gear you have set up.

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Eve Energy Strip features a slick aluminum and matte black design and has a 6.3-foot cable. Each outlet features generous spacing to allow for larger power adapters. There are also three physical buttons with LED status indicators to allow for manual control. Your connected tech is protected against power surges, as well as overcurrent and overvoltage damage.

You can order the Eve Energy Strip for $99.95 at Amazon and Best Buy, or directly at Eve.

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