Eve's HomeKit accessories are a critical part of my smart home thanks to rock-solid reliability and ease of use. I rely on Eve's accessories every day for securing my home, keeping my garden hydrated, and powering appliances like fans and air purifiers. However, Eve's HomeKit accessories command a premium price, so the best time to stock up is during shopping events like Black Friday.

This year, Eve is offering up to 40% off of its smart plugs, sensors, and more, so if you want expand your HomeKit empire, now is the time.

Eve Door and Window Contact Sensor on a white background

Eve Door and Window | $10 off at Amazon

The Eve Door and Window monitors your home's entry points and alerts you the moment one opens or closes. This peel and stick sensor also works great for HomeKit automations like turning on a light automatically when you arrive home from work.

$30 at Amazon
Eve Energy Smart Plug

Eve Energy | $10 off at Amazon

Eve's smart plug uses Bluetooth for a direct HomeKit connection without the need for an additional app. This smart plug can also monitor energy consumption and works in automations.

$30 at Amazon
Eve Extend

Eve Extend | $20 off at Amazon

Most Eve HomeKit accessories connect via Bluetooth, which has limited range. The Eve Extend solves this by bridging your accessories to Wi-Fi, perfect for those hard to reach areas in and around your home.

$30 at Amazon
Eve Water Guard

Eve Water Guard | $24 off at Amazon

Eve's Water Guard protects your home from water damage by alerting you the moment water is detected. Simply plug in the Water Guard near a potential hotspot and you can rest assured that your home is safe.

$56 at Amazon
Eve Aqua hose faucet controller on a white background

Eve Aqua | $20 off at Amazon

The Eve Aqua attaches right to any hose spigot, instantly turning an ordinary sprinkler into a smart sprinkler. Through the Home app, you can water the flowers on-demand with a tap or Siri, and you can set schedules in the Eve app.

$80 at Amazon
Eve light switch with large touch panel

Eve Light Switch | $15 off at Amazon

Eve Light Switch sports a clean, modern design and capacitive touchpad controls that looks great on any wall. Eve's switch is incredibly easy to install, and supports all of the familiar Home app and Siri controls.

$35 at Amazon
Eve Energy Strip

Eve Energy Strip | $30 off at Amazon

Eve's Energy Strip combines three smart outlets and surge protection into one handy power strip that is perfect for underneath an office desk. Energy monitoring capabilities can help you determine which devices cost the most to keep running.

$70 at Amazon

Automate everything

Eve's HomeKit line covers just about every accessory category available. From smart plugs to sprinkler controllers you can automate your entire home. The Eve Energy can make all of those older devices like heaters and coffee makers instantly smart with Home app and voice controls through Siri, and through automation they spring to life according to your routine.

Security is another major benefit of making your home smart, and Eve has plenty of HomeKit accessories to ensure that you home is safe and secure. The Eve Door and Window contact sensor keeps your entry areas safe by sending notifications when one opens or closes. You can even use your HomePod as a HomeKit alarm through automation with an Eve Door and Window sensor and just a few taps in the Home app.

Other security accessories include the Eve Water Guard, which monitors areas for any potential water leaks, and the Eve Cam, which keeps an your home with advanced HomeKit Secure Video features.

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