Evernote has release two new apps today: Evernote Food and Evernote Hello.

Evernote Food is a food diary. You can takes photos of each part of your meal, take notes about each food item, and keep track of them by meal. Want to share your delicious food with your friends? No problem! It's a breeze to share with Twitter and Facebook.

Evernote Hello is an app for keeping track of people you've met - a replacement for business cards. When you meet someone, hand them your phone and have them fill out their information and snap a pic. After your meeting, add some notes regarding your encounter.

Evernote Food

Just in time for the holidays! Evernote Food lets you capture, share and relive your memorable meals. Whether you're eating at home, at a restaurant, or embarking on a culinary adventure, use Evernote Food to remember all of your delicious experiences.

  • Remember the food and meals you love.
  • Snap and organize photos of your food, setting and fellow diners.
  • Add a title, your location, tags, captions and additional notes about the experience.
  • Share meals with family and friends on Twitter and Facebook, or via old fashioned email.
  • See related content from your Evernote account right inside the Evernote Food app.
  • Browse through pictures of your recent meals.
  • Automatically sync to your Evernote account, where you can access your meal notes from any computer or mobile device.

Evernote Hello

Whether you're meeting someone for the first time, trying to remember a person's name, or recalling important aspects of a previous encounter, Evernote Hello is here to help. Here's how:

  • See the faces of everyone you have met in a beautiful mosaic layout
  • View a history of all the encounters you've had with individuals
  • Remember all aspects of your meetings: location, notes, photos, and faces
  • Connect Evernote Hello to your Evernote account to see all your related notes

Evernote Food and Evernote Hello are available for on the iPhone for free.

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