Evernote has announced version 5 of its iOS app. The update includes several new and improved features, including a new home screen, a more streamlined interface for accessing your notes, a Places map, and an improved Page Camera. This update also focuses on speed. Evernote states in their blog post:

We’ve learned a lot over the years about how people use Evernote on mobile devices. It’s all about speed. Whether you’re creating a note or browsing to one, everything needs to happen fast. Also, you want the app to easily support your preferred organization scheme. If you’re a tagger, then tags must be front-and-center. If you put everything into notebooks, then those need to be quickly accessible.

The iPad also sees the addition of a Recent Notes list to facilitate easier multitasking within the Evernote. The update is not yet available, but is said to be coming “very soon”.

Evernote 5 for iOS revealed, coming soon

Source: Evernote Blog