Everything you need to know about Moto Racer 4 on Nintendo Switch

If you're a fan of racing games, then you may have heard of a title called Moto Racer 4, which originally came out in 2016. It's a racer where you're trying to prove that you're king of the hill.

Whether you're a newcomer or longtime fan of dirt-bike racing, Moto Racer 4 is a game that anyone can pick up and play. It's especially nice on the Nintendo Switch since it's portable.

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Here are all the things you need to know about Moto Racer 4 for Nintendo Switch!

What is Moto Racer 4?

Moto Racer 4 is a single-player arcade racing game where you get to choose between high-powered or motocross dirt bikes. You'll compete with the AI to be the rightful king of the hill in intense races on extreme tracks that span both asphalt and dirt alike.

The game has a variety of tracks spread out across different environments, and they're filled with obstacles, curves, and other hazards that make you show off your skill. There are a ton of different bikes to unlock as well, with various upgradeable parts and customizations to make it your own.

What are the game modes?

There are seven game modes in Moto Racer 4: King of the Hill, Last Man Standing, Survival, Catch-Up, Wolf Pack, Ghost Bike, and Golden Helmet.

In King of the Hill, every racer begins with the same amount of time on the clock. When the timer runs down for the lead racer, the other players get an extra turbo. The first racer who gets the counter down to zero wins.

Last Man Standing is straight-forward: after each checkpoint, the racer in last place is eliminated. Repeat until there's only one racer left.

Survival starts with little time on the clock. You gain extra time as you pass the checkpoints. For single player races, it's about surviving as long as you can. In mutiplayer races, it's about who still has time on their clock by the end.

Catch-Up puts the player in last place since the opponents get a head start. Your goal is to finish in first place by a certain time. Wolf Pack is similar, except the player gets the head start. However, you'll need to avoid getting overtaken by the other opponents to win.

Ghost Bike puts you in last place again, and you're not allowed to deviate from the road or even collide with others. You'll need to finish by a set minimum ranking to win.

Golden Helmet is the mode where things get fierce. The first racer to pass the first checkpoint gets the coveted Golden Helmet. If the racer with the helmet gets knocked over by another player, that player receives the Golden Helmet. If a racer falls off of their bike, then the Helmet is sent to the next checkpoint for anyone to grab.

Does the game have multiplayer?

Unfortunately, Moto Racer 4 is a single-player only game. This is a shame, really, as the game seems like it could be perfect to play against friends in.

When the game refers to "multiplayer," it's only talking about your AI-controlled opponents in races.

What's included in the Nintendo Switch version?

Since Moto Racer 4 for Switch is a port of an existing game, this version already includes all content from the Sliced Peak and Antique Antics DLC. This means Switch players get immediate access to the Bumpy Ride, Drifting Away, Ice Edge, and Trident Temple circuits.

When is it out and how much will it cost me?

Moto Racers 4 will be out digitally and physically on November 20, 2018. It will cost $29.99.

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Ready to prove you're the best on two wheels?

Moto Cross 4 is not a new game, but it seems like an enjoyable racer for those who like to go over 100 mph on two wheels. Especially the Switch version, as you get all DLC included with the purchase, which is nice.

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Updated November 2018: Updated release date.

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