Unlike the recently redeemed VoIP, streaming TV over 3G to an iPhone is still a no-no according to AT&T's terms of service, but has an error (or "error") on the part of EyeTV [$4.99 - iTunes link] developer Elgato allowed them to go where SlingPlayer is still forbidden to tread?

Apparently so, if instead of tapping okay to dismiss the warning, you tap the message text instead. Then it's 3G away you go.

Of course, AT&T lets other devices use SlingPlayer over 3G, and of course Apple's YouTube app, and apps from Ustream and Stickam stream non-TV over 3G, so who while the whole policy makes the kind of sense that doesn't, it will be interesting to what reaction, if any, AT&T and Apple have to this little workaround...

Update: Apple has pulled EyeTV off the App Store. Elgato has issued the following statement to TotalApps:

“Some test code that enabled live TV streaming over the cellular network was accidentally left in the the EyeTV App. Apple requested that we remove the code since their agreement with AT&T does not allow redirecting TV signals over the cellular network. The code was removed and a 1.0.1 version of the EyeTV app was submitted.”

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