Family Locator is offering access to its flight tracking feature for free

Sygic has updated its Family Locator app (opens in new tab), allowing all users of the popular GPS app to access its flight tracking feature for the first time.

While the feature has been a part of the app for premium subscribers, it is now accessible for free users as well. Sygic states:

By partnering with FlightAware, Sygic is able to inform families about a plane's departure, landing, delay, or cancellation without needing GPS or a data connection. The new update means Family Locator has become the first app in the world to offer free flight tracking to family members. Users can now keep track of their nest, wherever they go.

Other free features on Family Tracker include real-time location, check in and SOS alerts, alerts for safe and unsafe zones, and free messaging. People who pay for the premium features can get more info from the flight tracker, along with a seven-day history of their family members' location and movements.

John Callaham

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  • "We invented this round disc-shaped device with a hole in the middle to put a rod thru it. We will call it the wheel. The rod will be called an axel." This is the first app to offer flight tracking to family members. Really?! There are a million apps out there to check flight progress, location, speed, altitutde, etc. Just plug in the flight number and it shows it to you.