Fight for the forest in Animals vs Mutants

Netmarble is South Korea's largest mobile game publisher, but they've never had much of a US presence – until now. The newly-formed Netmarble US has just released its first game: Animals vs. Mutants. It's available for free on both Android and iOS.

Sure, Animals vs. Mutants is a different name for a game. But not that long ago, you'd have said the same about Plants vs. Zombies. The concept is sound – an evil scientist has started experimenting on woodland critters, turning them into malicious mutants. Only the player can rescue the remaining animals, by fighting it out on foot and summoning animal helpers to aid in the battle.

Fight for the forest in Animals vs Mutants

Battles in Animals vs. Mutants work much like Glu's Samurai vs. Zombies. Your male or female hero runs around the battlefield, automatically attacking any mutants who get too close. Players can summon a variety of animals to fight as well, all with unique attacks and powers.

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Besides the fun of acquiring new animals from each of the 60 stages you beat, this game also offers tons and tons of loot to collect. You'll outfit your character with unique weapons and armor, and even equip various animal mounts. The mounts level up too, changing their appearance and effectiveness.

Fight for the forest in Animals vs Mutants

Animals vs. Mutants features a truly unique Asian art style. Kids will love the colorful artwork and cutesy characters, but adults will enjoy the loot hunting and variety of missions to complete. Give it a try and stop those mutants from encroaching on the peacefulness of the forest.

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