A young man went in search of a famous hillside cave featured on BBC in the Lake District called the Priest's Hold. He lost his footing, fell 60 feet, and struck his head.

Here's what happened next, according to The Mirror

He was able to dial 999 but when Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) spoke to him they couldn't work out where he was.

So instead the clever rescuers used Apple App 'Find My Friends', which users GPS to pinpoint the location of your friends mobile, to find him.

Lake District rescuers praised the usefulness of the App on Wednesday - but described the unprepared climber as a "very lucky boy".

Find my Friends is incredibly useful. I have persistent connections to a few very close friends and family simply for general safety reasons. I also use it a lot when I'm meeting people for dinner or events — set it to one hour mode and we can all see where everyone is without constantly messaging for ETA updates.

This story, though, is a life saver.

If you haven't given Find My Friends a look recently, do so.