The Fleksy Keyboard team has released an update on Android for the official app, bumping it to version 5.2. This latest release of Fleksy introduces numerous new features, including two extensions. Hotkeys are the ideal solution for things you find yourself typing often (hello, emoji!) and a new color pops wheel lets you really personalise your pops.

As well as the new extensions, the team also introduced iCloud Sync to enable cross-device sync for dictionary words. Also addressed in version 5.2 for iPhone and iPad:

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  • The Energy Theme Pack! Breathe more life into your keyboard with these animated themes.
  • Heart Pops! Make your keys pop with hearts with this lovely Extension.
  • Magic Button! Replace the globe with emoji, a comma, or a dismiss keyboard button in settings. Also, long-press the globe button for more options.
  • Case-sensitive layout. Enable this feature in Settings.
  • More keys have been added to landscape orientation on iPhone (portrait for iPad). You can disable this layout in Settings.
  • Fixed a bug where the keyboard keys would be misaligned in some apps.
  • Many other bug fixes and performance improvements.

To celebrate Valentine's Day tomorrow the team will be handing out a free Valentine's Day theme to all users. This new theme will be joined by a new Heartpops extension to really get you in the mood for love. Download Fleksy version 5.2 from the App Store.

Source: Fleksy

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