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So you go to a new sushi restaurant in town, you think, "man I bet they have an awesome yellow tail roll here". You are seated at a table by the beautiful waitress, you open the menu, and low and hold...the menu uses terms that you know nothing about. You think to yourself, "I could ask the waitress, but then she'll think I'm stupid!" That's when it hits you, only the night before, you downloaded Sushi Time to your iPhone. With Sushi Time, you realize, "I don't have to be a sushi pro to eat like one! Sushi Time will demystify many common terms found in sushi restaurant menus as well as fill in gaps for sushi connoisseurs."

So you whip out your iPhone and startup Sushi Time, you scroll down the list to lookup up the word "fugu" your finger shakes with excitement as you realize you are so close to revealing the secrets of the name...You tap it and the app reveals a tile with a picture, hey you "realize that looks like yellow-tail"... then flip over the tile with a swipe of your finger and it reads:

Toxic! "O sheesh", you think to yourself, "good thing I didn't get that..."

You realize Sushi Time might have just saved your life...

Sushi Time is a simple app. Its used to look up terms that may be used in a sushi restaurant, and it you are daring enough to try a random dish, you might want to check to see what you are actually getting.

Terms are sorted in alphabetical order or you can view them by type.

Within the list view, navigation is simple, it's like scrolling through your contacts. Upon clicking on a term a tile will appear with the name and a picture. You can swipe over the tile to reveal information about the term by using the swiping motion. Besides the description you also gave the option of adding to your favorites.

Therefore you can pull up those terms next time you want to order them in a resturant and impress the waitress...

Overall I was expecting more. I thought it would geve me a little more information about each item. I also don't like the - see picture then swipe to see description. I am not quizing myself over terms, I just want the facts, so It would be nice if they made it just one page instead of a flip screen. $1.99 is asking too much for this app at the moment.


  • Simple UI
  • items listed by Name & by Type.
  • has photo of each item.


  • Takes to long to get info (even it is just that one extra swiping motion).
  • Larger database would be nice
  • Lack of description



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