According to inside sources, the FTC is looking into the rules that Apple has in place for streaming music competitors in its App Store. Apple take a 30% cut from all sales made through the App Store, whether it be a one time game or app purchase or a subscription, and this is causing some complaints from the competition. With Apple taking its cut each month, it leaves the competitors with two options. Competitors can either take the lower margin, or raise its pricing above the industry standard to make some extra money. From Reuters:

The Federal Trade Commission is looking at the issue but has not begun a formal investigation, said the three industry sources, who requested anonymity. The agency has had meetings with multiple concerned parties, one source said. The agency meets with companies routinely, and a formal investigation may not materialize.

At this point, the FTC is just checking into things, and has not launched an official investigation. Should the FTC find anything that points towards Apple breaking the antitrust law, that may change.

Source: Reuters