WeWantApps!, the app that helps you find great apps for your kids, was recently updated in preparation for today, December 1, and the beginning of its advent calendar that offers a normally paid app for free every day until Christmas Day.

If you have kids, there's no reason not to pick up WeWantApps. It's one of my go to apps when looking for something for my daughter as it does a great job of curating the App Store and finding great deals. The advent calendar is just the cherry on top.

Today's deal is Nighty Night! HD - Winter Edition, an app that I highly recommend. In fact, I recently chose Nighty Night! as my pick of the week in a recent Editors' Choice column because of how much my daughter loves it and how much I love it as a bedtime story. It's normally $2.99, so you definitely want to grab this one while it's free.

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