Google confirms Latitude will be retired, someone, somewhere may miss it

Besides this mornings news that the new Google Maps will soon be heading our way, Google has also confirmed that Latitude, their location sharing, will be retired on August 9. After this date the Latitude for iPhone application will stop working, along with any other Latitude API based applications. Someone, somewhere may shed a little tear, but while it may be gone, location sharing shall live on at Google in a different guise.

Location sharing from Google is being shifted across to Google+, so Latitude fans will still be able to get their fix in some way. Android already has location sharing in the Google+ app, and the iOS version will be updated at some point soon to get the same abilities. I'm not sure it was ever the most popular product from Google, certainly not with iOS users, but is there anyone out there who's going to miss Latitude?

Source: Google via Android Central

Richard Devine

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