Google Now: one of the signature features of the update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and beyond. Initially launching at the 2012 Google I/O developer conference, its grand purpose is to give you the information you want, without having to go and get it. Be that local weather, traffic information for your commute to work, sports scores, even now pulling in flight and package shipping information. If you travel to another country, Google Now will provide handy cards to calculate costs using the current exchange rate, for easy translation into the local tongue and even to tell you what the time is back home. Google Now is supposed to be your intelligent assistant. And now, it's with us on iOS

The iOS equivalent packs all the same useful bits and pieces as its Android sibling. What it lacks though, is notifications. On Android, Google Now makes use of the notification tray to help deliver some of this key information. With a swipe down from the top, current sports scores, or notifications reminding you to leave for a meeting now if you want to be on time just appear. Getting into the main Google Now page varies device to device, but on the Nexus devices a simple swipe up from the home button is all it takes.

Having been a long time user of the service on the Android platform, to me at least, Google Now feels somewhat lacking on iOS. It isn't necessarily Google's fault, they're bound to the limitations of the platform. On Android, Google Now is baked into the OS. On iOS, it has to be baked into a third-party application. So, while the information is still there, you have to go and get it, instead of it being presented to you. And that doesn't feel like the experience Google Now is supposed to be.

That said, it's a beautifully executed application. It invites the desire to use it, and follows the theme of superbly designed applications from Google on iOS. But, we want to know what you, the iMore readers think. Are you using Google Now? There's no doubts that it's useful, but is it enough to compel you to integrate it into your daily lives?

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