Google slowly rolling out new web app UI

It seems that Google are slowly implementing a new UI for their web app. The update changes the 'blue tabs' at the top of the site to new 'grey tabs' with pull down icons. To change the type of search, they've updated it to include a drop down grid of all the different search types, and apps, instead of the old text list.

Interestingly, this UI update has only been updated on Web search, Video search, News and Blogs. The older 'blue' interface still appears on Image Search, Places, Shopping, Finance, Apps, iGoogle and Books. Google Apps, like GMail, Google Translate, Google Docs and Google Reader haven't received any form of update either. YouTube has its own mobile web app, and Maps has recently been updated.

Do you like this update on the Google Web App? Do you use the Google Web App?

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  • How'd you get it to do that?
  • I really don't have a clue, maybe this is what TiPb should've included in this article, i've scanned all over google, and so far, haven't seen anything that gives me this option...
  • George did add a link at the end of the post; i.e. George also mentioned that this new UI is slowly being implemented. Go to You may or may not have access to it yet. But, it will come eventually. I already have it.
  • On my iPod Touch, and I am sure iPhone, in safari, if you use google to search, I get it when doing searches. Noticed it this morning. If you hit more, you get a drop down with the icons. Looks nice. Have not played around enough yet, but looks better that the old search engine. Have not checked the pc google search yet. Later today may be.
  • The web apps always feel a bit clunky and awkward to me. They may be state of the art, but it looks like "the art" still has room to improve.
  • Looks to be much more finger friendly. I can't tell you how many times, in its current form, I've gone to tap on "more" and accidentally hit the Google Buzz icon.
  • Anus
  • Oops i said rectal fever
  • Fail, can't find same options. Just the same ol tired Google. Could it be the UK version?
  • It doesn't like adding a search term to a long search. If you go past the visible space, it won't scroll right and will ignore further text input if you tap-and-hold and try going to the end of your existing search. I'm having to delete terms in the middle, add to the end, the re-add in the middle, or use the search box in Safari to submit the search. Progress while less functionality! Ugh
  • Awesome, now we need Google chrome and its app store on the iPhone
  • Changes haven't come through for the Google Australia web app yet. Do they really need those icons to be that big? Eats up already valuable screen real estate. Bring on the 3.7 inch 16:9 720p iPhone 5 screen!
  • nothing new with the UK vers.
  • Interesting. I was using the UK version.
  • The larger icons will come to be of use, I have big hands.
  • I hate the new search interface - any tricks to get the old look back? It's just too clunky on the iPhone.
  • Yep, me too! It is redundant and jumps on and let me miss the right links. :-((
  • The new mobile interface has a basic usability problem. As you scroll to the top, the icons "drop down" for "web, images, places, news, more." On the iphone this takes a tiny second to occur, thus "jumping" all the page content down. So if you are scrolling up to hit a link, say the 1st or 2nd in the list, the page hits the top and initiates the drop down just as your finger is going to hit the link. As a result you click the wrong link or switch it to images or places inadvertently. I would recommend making this a feature that can be turned off. I find it very distracting and have hit the wrong link many times this weekend....