Grab this Spigen dual USB-C wall charger for 36% off before your phone dies

Spigen Charger
Spigen Charger (Image credit: Spigen)

Chargers aren't a sexy topic, but they're a necessary one that needs to be discussed, just like how you have to discuss your grocery shopping list with your significant other to make sure you don't forget that flavor of pudding they like. The point is, you have a phone that needs charging, a tablet that needs charging, possibly an Adam & Eve device that needs charging — the list goes on. So how do you charge all these things at once?

That's where Spigen comes in. For the low price of $23, otherwise known as two Subway sandwiches in current currency (accounting for inflation), the brand is offering you a dual USB-C charger to ensure that your devices stay nice and juiced whenever, wherever. The dual nature of the device gives you the power to keep two gadgets fueled at the same time.

Not only is Spigen's offering packing double trouble in the way of ports, but it's also a GaN charger. Wondering what that means? GaN means the charger utilizes Gallium Nitride tech, which the fine folks at Navitas Semiconductor can tell you more about (we spoke to them about the global chip shortage and how GaN fits into that equation). But, to make a long story short, GaN enables more efficient charging.

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Robert Carnevale