GreenIQ and AT&T team up for 3G-enabled Smart Garden Hub

You may already have a smarthome hub for the inside of your house, and now AT&T and a company called GreenIQ are hoping you'll want a hub for the outdoors as well. GreenIQ has just unveiled the first 3G version of its Smart Garden hub, which is powered by AT&T.

GreenIQ's Smart Garden Hub allows users to better manage the watering of their garden based on "hyper-local weather information." In addition to connecting to your garden's irrigation system, the Hub can connect you your lighting system and other third-party smart accessories like soil moisture sensors and weather reading stations.

GreenIQ already has a WiFi version of its Smart Garden Hub available for purchase, but the company says the 3G variant will be available later in 2015.

  • Check out the GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub

Sources: GreenIQ (Market Wired), AT&T

Dan Thorp-Lancaster