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greenpois0n RC 5 iPhone, iPad iOS 4.2.1 untethered Jailbreak for Windows now live

If you've been waiting on the Windows version of greenpois0n RC5, the iOS 4.2.1 untethered Jailbreak for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad then good news -- it's live!

Ally's already posted how to jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 iPhone, iPad untethered via greenpois0n for the Mac and the Windows version shouldn't be too different. If you have any trouble just read through the comments or check out the Jailbreak Forum.

Grab greenpois0n via the link below and let us know how it works for you!

Rene Ritchie
Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • And here's a mirror:
  • You just made my day!!!
  • Made my day too!
  • Why do you fail to warn that this will create problems for those that may wish to unlock in the future.
  • It shouldn't. Just get the downgrade baseband app, and you can unlock now.
    I'm still gonna wait. I don't have to unlock till a month from today.
  • What downgrade baseband app? Unless you are referring to that iPad baseband method, I have never heard I'd such a thing. Using that method williston likely have serious long term consequences.
    I agree you should know what you are doing befor you upgrade your baseband. That is on reason people come to this site. But this site is failing to warn the masses of the potential problems with using this tool without the protection of TinyUmbrella.
  • I just checked the TinyUmbrella site and as of Feb 4 they have updated to allow preserving baseband on i4. This is big news and changes everything for i4 users.
    Why have I not seen any mention of this on this blog?
  • Be an adult and understand what you're doing.
  • So when the phone needs to reboot no more hooking up to pc ? Thats what untethered means correct ?
  • yes
  • Thank but I can't decide to jailbreak or not
  • Do it and all of your wildest dreams will true....
  • I'm all over it!
  • Long story short. I ran over my ip4 by accident. Alcohol was involved but thats for another day. Either way, i would have realized my phone was under a car tire before we ran it over if i had find my iphone. (the phone is fine. I dont kno how. But it can take a 04 chevy cav to the face and come out un scratched. Amazing. Point is. I need find my iphone.
  • Ip4... lawl... ip6 is in.
  • Wait a ran over your iPhone with a car and it's OK? No broken glass or anything? Was it at least in an Otterbox or something similar? Otherwise, I don't believe it.
  • i dont think its that shocking that the ip4 was fine. having it on the ground and a tire over it doesnt cause a hard shock, just lots of pressure and i think this is where the iphone commercial about how tough the glass is comes in handy.
    but anyways, any word on the 3.10 baseband unlock?
  • Na. In a pixel skin hd case i got free from apple. Lol. Believe it or not, idc. My phone is fine, thats really all that matters to me.
  • The case was compressed so tight to the phone, slivers of the case came off like i shaved thin pieces off w a razor blade when i took it off. I thought for sure id have cracked glass. Im in awe
  • worked (jailbreak, loader and cydia) first try out on 16gb wifi only iPad.
  • Where can I find the tutorial on the how to upgrade a jailbreak without losing all my apps and phone data?
  • can someone please confirm if I can run this on top my redsn0w tethered..
  • sorry, iPhone 4 iOS 4.2.1
  • I did and it works fine.
    Ps if the custom boot logo is weird or you don't like it go to /usr/bin via ssh or ifile, find "animate" and delete it
  • thank you sir!
  • I like it!
  • Thanks Man!
  • Just did this, worked the first time.
  • this jailbreak is amazing!! i was able to jailbreak my iphone 4 in no time and worked beautifully
  • you dont have to hook this up and run with redsnow to restart or anything i love it! thank you greenpoison!! i love it
  • Worked perfectly with absolutely no issue! YAY!
  • thanks so much, been waiting impatiently for this
  • Deceted as a virus for me..
  • Got it! Worked like a Charm! I was running 4.2.1 with redsnow teethered. I just opened up greenpois0n. It said to turn off phone and connect it, but I connected phone first, backed up phone and synced with itunes, then closed itunes out. Then opened greenpois0n. I didn't turn off my phone like it said to, I then put my phone in DFU mode and it automatically reconized the DFU mode and installed with no problems. After completion, Cydia and everything was already ready to go! Thanks, Greenpoisi0n and
  • hi. can i ask if ur iphone is unlocked and has a baseband 06.15.00? will it be safe if i use this with my iphone which is unlocked and has a baseband of 06.15.00? thanks
  • i didn't do a clean restore before i JBed it (I left all my settings and apps on my ipod) and it worked perfectly fine, hm..
  • Cannot work, struck at:
    Unable to find gBdevList
    Unable to find fsmount
    Unable to find fs
    Unable to find fsloadfile
    any clue?
  • Mine did that too. After I saw "jailbreak complete" I clicked quit, and then my phone continued doing it's thing.
  • I'm getting the same Unable to load list and then Greenpois0n initialized but then it just sits there.
  • Anyone know if this works with Apple TV?
  • yes it does
  • is there a way to save my files from my 4.1 jailbreak or do i lose everything?
    also what are the advantages of upgrading to this 4.2.1?
  • Awesome I'm EXCITED!!!!! ^__^
  • Why is it jailbreaks come out just weeks before the next new iOS release. Almost seems silly to jailbreak now only to upgrade soon. Is it a conspiracy or something, or does it just take this long.
    Also, there are a TON of instructions out there on how to jailbreak, but hardly if any on how to get back to the next version of iOS while retaining your apps and data. Anyone have info on this?
  • I'm still on 4.1, so, having a 4.2 untethered jailbreak means I will upgrade. I'm not going to upgrade to 4.3 until the 4.3 untethered jailbreak is out. Not everyone upgrades the moment they can.
  • I realize that, but one would think the majority would want to get on the newest iOS with the latest features. I'm not asking for the few that like to lag behind... my grandma still runs Windows XP and I ain't going to force her to upgrade. ;-)
  • I don't want to lag behind. Hell, I bought Amidio's Seline the day it came out and haven't been able to use it because it requires 4.2.
    I want the new features as soon as I can. That doesn't mean I'm going to give up the jailbreak apps I rely on to get them. This has nothing to do with 'lagging;' it has relying on jailbreak apps and thus being unable to upgrade without losing major functionality.
    And, to answer your other question, Yes. Yes it does take this long to make these. If they could make them in a night, they'd be released the next day. These are a bunch of really talented and dedicated devs working on their OWN time to release these. The only thing they get out of this is 'cred.' And, well, if they released 0-day exploits, they have ALL the 'cred.' They have no reason to wait on releasing something they were planning on releasing anyway.
  • iOS 4.3 breaks this jb. The exploit is patched and so umis only useful for 4.2 now. I'm drunk and don't trust myself doing my jb at the moment. Thanks for a release on a Saturday night/ufc night/super bowl eve.
  • iPad successfully jailbroken. Happiness shall ensue. That is all.
  • You sound like a anchor lol
  • worked like a charm on the first shot. great to be JB on 4.2.1
  • Worked great on my iPad. Was tethered jailbroken with redsn0w 0.9.6b6 on 4.2.1. I just ran greenpois0n over it. When it first booted it was in an iPhone like state, a respring cleaned that up though.
  • Can someone post up an example of what its like to go from a jailbroken device to the latest Apple release iOS? For example... if I test this, in just weeks iOS 4.3 comes out and I'm going to rather be on it than play with jailbroken stuff. I want to be able to do it while keeping my apps and data intact and formatted in folders like I have them pre-jailbreak. I also don't want apps purchased while jailbroken to get "lost"
    There are no good resources on how all this works. Everyone wants to help you GET jailbroken, but nobody wants to help you get unjailbroken. It has to happen eventually...
  • Can i use this greenpoison if my iphone is jailbroken with redsnow and has a baseband of 06.15.00? thanks
  • this just saved me from hours of frustration trying to get an i4 out of recovery mode. i tried all of the typical tricks but this did it no time
  • I applied this over my tethered Redsnow JB. Worked like a charm the first time around... glad to be untethered :) Thanks to those who made this possible!
  • Here's the situation: I'm on 4.1, jailbroken, with tons of stuff I use on a daily basis.
    This jailbreak, unlike limerain, seems unstable and unreliable, and is stamped with an RC.
    However, if I wait a week, there's a very good chance the 4.3 update will be the only one available through itunes and I, like most of the other folks out there, will have an unusable jailbreak to play with.
    My real only reason to update to 4.2.1 is the better battery management protocols it's said to have, along with the ability to use apps that are more and more often requiring 4.2.1. If users wait and don't break now, they'll be two versions behind, which is generally not a good idea.
    My real question is: can anyone name the last day we can wait until (for as many bugfixes as the devteam can make) before 4.3 will be the only update available on itunes?
  • Everything works great except my purchased iBook. I have 4 sample books that work fine but my purchased iBook opens with an error saying there is a problem with my iPod touch, to restore in iTunes and reinstall iBooks.
  • Don't flame me.... I wanna JB however is it safe/secure to use bank account and similar personal data accounts?
  • Worked like a charm the first try.
  • thank you, i ran it perfectly at the first time. Regards.
  • @Marc It's just as safe as an unjB until you start making changes. Then, if you know what you're doing it can be safer if not it can make you more at risk. Hence the power and freedom of JBing. Good to do your research if you want the freedom+responsibility.
  • Somehow when i run it, it doesnt show all the white letters running (like the matrix) it just sits at the point when there is only 4 sentences. I've tried everything. Restore from backup, restart laptop.. im getting frustrated
    Please HELP
  • for some reason i've been following the 4.2 untether like a bloodhound only to realize that i dont really care about 4.2 at all.
    the track my i for free is cool but my phone is literally never less than 2feet away from me at all times. day or night. asleep or awake. i dont care about airplay, and i dont own an ipad(which i believe is the biggest reason for the GP untether).
    with 4.3 right around the corner and a rumored geohot break, i think im gonna run 4.1 until something really significant for my uses comes along.
  • I agree, I'll def wait until 4.3, I think the 4.2 is a pointless jb, so I'm cool w my 4.1 until then!!
  • Good. Now I don't have to read a thousand comments from windoze users pissing and moaning. There is a god!
  • Worked great for me...
  • Yaaaay... I'm upgrading from my 4.0.1 at last.. Thank you so much..
  • if you stuck on "unable blah blah..." text, hold power and home and re-run greenpois0n, repeat if you get another one till you see greenpois0n-apple boot logo
  • Greenp0ison is the business. Worked on the first try on my iphone4.
  • Idk if I should jailbreak. I had it on 4.1 and can't really remember what I added.
  • Does iTunes ever work properly?? I tried updating my phone to 4.2 and I got that 1013 error saying it can't be restored, anyone know how to get around that??
  • Edit your hosts file (/system32/drivers/etc/hosts) and take out the entry, then re-save.
  • Ran it and it completely messed up my iPad. Icons all over the place after it ran and the lock screen was all formatted wrong and was very difficult to enter my passcode. Did a respring and it all came back fine until I did a reboot and then it was messed up again. My iPad had 4.2.1 tethered jailbreak with redsn0w before I ran Greenpois0n. I hope they can bring out an update that fixes this but in the mean time a respring does fix it until you reboot. I dont have any mods to the lockscreen except lockinfo is running so not sure if that might be the problem.
  • Just noticed about 30 apps/games have been taken out of the folders i had them in and dumped on the home screen for some reason after running greenpois0n. Weird!
  • Also if I open up any app before I do the respring the whole thing crashes and the iPad reboots.
  • Ok, this is madness. Every time I reboot it dumps the apps out the folders. Anyone else having issues with this??
  • Retroman, I don't have an ipad but my wife's iphone 3gs (MC model) had a 421 tethered redsn0w jb on it and I had problems with hers after running greenpois0n RC5 and RC5_2 on a Mac. I ended up doing a clean restore of 421 then greenpois0n and all is well.
  • Just jailbroke for the first time far, so good. Looking froward to as life where I make my own choices....
  • Okay, since I am new to all this jailbreaking, is it typical to be underwhelmed by the fact most of the themes look like garbage? I realize this is on an iPad, but really. Maybe there is a special section in Cydia to search for iPad content, so that everything does not have a fuzzy look to it? Otherwise, back to the pure side.
  • Third lockup while trying to download something that had to be paid for. Back to Team Pure. Trust me folks, this jailbreaking is not all it is cracked up to be. Slow downloads (that you cannot halt), locked up equipment,really bad looking results, and restarting for every little thing. Dealing with Cydia/Winterboard will make you feel like you are using a Windows product. I can only guess the whole jailbreak thing is just people wanting to feel like rebels. Maybe is is just an iPhone thing. Whatever. My opinion, save yourself the time, and enjoy the product you have.
  • and maybe this is why you are a first time jailbreaker. if all you can think about is doing themes with your jb, then maybe you should stick with team pure.
  • i downloaded greenpoison and my system detected it as a virus, wtf i cant use it or anything
  • Untethered means not having to hook it up to pc on each Reboot ? Correct?
  • Correct
  • Tried it on my iPad with 4.2.1 and worked great on first try and install Cydia no probs
  • Jailbroken on 4.1. Is there a good better Best way of saving all my Cydia apps, moving to this latest and greatest jb on 4.2.1 and then getting all my Cydia stuff back? I've read the warning about not doing a restore. Does that mean aptbackup is not a good idea? Has anyone done this?
  • Worked on my iPad WiFi from VZW perfectly! I have been wanting to jailbreak my iPad.
  • same man im soo happy its finally out ..i had a ipad with no warrenty screaming that it wanted to be jailbroken lol but in all seriousness this is awsome
  • Mine didnt work. It just stays in dfu mode. I tried it like thirty times, literally. Mine is from Verizon too!! I wanna Jailbreak so bad. Sad thing, my friend had just jailbroke his iphone 4 on a mac but mine wouldn't. Hellllllllppppp PPPPPlllleeaasssee?!?!?!?!
  • Yea now my verizon iPhone is complete!!!!
  • Where is the link below to download?
  • 3rd iPhone, first JB. Wouldn't have done without the uptick in JB coverage from TiPB over the last 6 months or so. Thank you!
  • I feel like I'm 'home' again. Thanks!
  • For those wanting to preserve their baseband, I'd recommend using TinyUmbrella's instructions.
    The instructions were based on JB'ing w/a Mac, but wouldn't think the process would be different for Windows...
  • Oh yeah, and many thanks to Cronic-Dev Team!
  • It works great for windows it didnt work for me with mac and i did it 40 times and with windows it took me 2 tries to unthethered over my tethered redsn0w jailbreak
  • how did u get it to work, it is not working for me after many many trys, win rc5 and ipad 4.2.1 <<< any clues? jailbreak failed everytime?
  • Another mirror at
  • yay!!!
  • I di this yesterday to my iPad and everything seemed to work fine, other than the changes Apple made to some of the icons and location. However this morning when I turned I found out that all of the folders where I had put things where gone and the items where just back on springboard (pages of them).
    So even though somethings may install ( FolderInFolders,Infinifolders) they still will need an update. Other than that everything works now I'm just trying to find where Apple has moved things to.
  • i have tryed over 50 times on win rc5 failed everytime,, wtf am i doing wrong ( 32 gb wifi ipad 4.2.1 ) this is starting to piss me off
  • Download link? Mirror posted is dead.
  • i got the win download on my desktop, downloaded successful, i cant make it work on my ipad, jailbreak failed everytime, if any one can help it would be appriciated, i fresh restored the ipad befor i tryed the jailbreak
  • Had to do it twice but got it working.
    Unfortunately some of my more favourite apps aren't working in 4.2, but I got my MMS app back so I'm happy.
  • Hey is anyone else having issues with finding and downloading MyWi on this jailbreak? I've went into manage my account and when I click MyWi it tells me "Cannot Locate Package" The package NSCFString cannot be found in your current sources. I've tried installing more sources and it hasn't helped. I even restored the Iphone and started from scratch. Any help/suggestions?
  • I'm having problems too. I think it's because all of the repos didn't get installed along with Cydia but I have no idea how to fix it.
  • mine just fails, nuthing else DFU MODE , JAILBREAK STARTS, JAILBREAK FAILS,
  • Having the same issue. Phone goes into recover mode but jb wont recognize. Just says try again.
  • Yeah I can't do anything I get hit with errors and whatnot every time I try and do something. We'll just have to wait for fixes I guess.
  • I just JB'd my iPhone4... first time i did a device since my 1st gen iPod touch with the old 72 step manual process..... it took 3 attempts
    So ..... impressions .... not many ... within couple hours i restored my iPhone back to 4.2.1....
    But for the record this is what i did:
    1. installed netatalk but wanted to control it so installed MobileTerminal too...
    Issues: Netatalk dropped connection intermittently and MobileTerminal crashed on start even after a reboot of iPhone
    2. Tried to find LockInfo on Cydia and noticed nothing really was there so did the update and found a couple of the stock repo's weren't loading and causing cydia to hang for ages while it timed out repeatedly
    3. Never managed to find Lockinfo except beta versions
    Thought that considering i'd already spent over 2 hours faffing around with this stuff and getting nowhere fast i thought its just not worth the effort and restored.
  • sorry for the dumb question, but does this JB change the base band to 6.XX?
  • Cydia is having issues for sure. Just in general because my iPod touch (that was JB a while back) also can't find some files in Cydia. Best way to do it is just find the .deb for what you need :)
  • Anyone else having trouble with the camera app or photo app? Also tomtom is crashing to. Trying another fresh restore and I will test before I jailbreak, And after I rejailbreak.
  • Ok, figured out the camera and camera roll. I had images in my camera roll that weren't recognized. Fixed by importing all the files ti my pc and the deleting them. As far as tom-tom, I'll have to continue searching.
  • so i didn't realize that win cr5 had to connect to a server to complete the jailbreak per a video i watched, apprently mine stops at the point were it connnects , so i assume the server is not online or way to busy , i cant do the DFU steps any diffrend & by now i could do it blindfolded, so idk what the hell! any suggestions and is anyone else experiecing this "jailbreak failed" issue????
  • Do you know the server it has to connect to? Mine keeps failing. Strange problem. Yesterday JB my iPhone 4 no problems, today trying to JB iPad and keeps failing
  • by the way i'm trying to jailbreak a 32 gb ipad 4.2.1 on windows , beeen doing this for 7 hrs, no luck , very frustrating!
  • Ahhhh.... back to normal again! Thanks!
  • JB worked flawless but I'm trying to install MYWI 4.0 but it won't. Getting "error POSIX"..."Host not reachable"... . What could be causing this? Any info appreciated!
  • hi, i have a question.
    does any one else have a Blurry back camera after they jailbreaked their iphone with this?
    my rear back camera is taking blurry pictures and my front one isn't its normal.
  • just busted my jailbreak cherry! Worked perfectly 1st time. Thanks to all
  • No joy with windows jb'ing a 16GB ipad....fails every time. Gets into DFU mode ok
  • same deal here too, i did the redsnow for now, no luck on the 32 gb ipad with greeenpoison windows rc5 : (
  • If you are getting "Jailbreak Failed :(", make sure you have internet connection. Apparently, this tool fetches the files from a server.
  • Failed for me until I turned Little Snitch off, then worked fine.
  • Pardon me, but what is Little Snitch??
  • Would not work on Win with Avast antivirus running. I disabled Avast and it worked !!
  • I was jailbreaking Ipad 1 using greenp0ision rc 6 and kept getting 'jailbreak failed'. this was because everytime greenp0ison tried to jailbreak, my broadband lost connection (greenp0ison needs internet connection to complete jailbreak).
    So answer is maybe leave it for a bit and then keep trying until you can jailbreak with a stable internet connection!
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