Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Tips and Tricks

Harry Potter: A Hogwarts Mystery is an RPG for fans of the wizarding world. Actually, it's more of a visual novel than a game. It follows a fairly specific storyline with just a bit of side tasks. Whatever you want to call it, there's plenty to learn and a few tips to make your experience even better.

If you're just getting started, check out our beginner's guide.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery: Beginner's Guide

If you've got the basics, but now want to know how to get through the first three years at Hogwarts as fast as possible, here are some tips and tricks for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery!

How to earn extra energy

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

The biggest issue with Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is running out of energy. It's especially frustrating when you're in the middle of a lesson. There are actually a handful of locations throughout Hogwarts that will give you an additional energy point a couple of times each day.

  • East Towers - There are two ways to earn energy here. Tap the second portrait from the entrance to this tower next to the Charms classroom. Tap Peeves when he floats into the tower.
  • West Towers - Tap the first portrait from the entrance to this tower next to the Prefects' Bathroom.
  • Lower Floor - West - There are two ways to earn energy here. Tap the torch on the right side of the entrance to the Great Hall. Tap the middle statue while it's holding a sword. It will switch back to holding a shield after you tap it.
  • Dungeons - Tap the House Elf that is usually standing near the Potions Classroom
  • Castle Grounds - Tap the stick on the ground along the second pathway you see.
  • Lower Floor - East - Tap the stack of books that are sitting on the bench.
  • Hogsmeade - Tap the boy holding the sled at the end of the first alley.

Your energy stack also fills up every time you level up. Keep that in mind when you're hoping to get through a very long lesson

The best way to duel

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Dueling has two main parts. First, the rock-paper-scissors style Stance round to see who goes first. Then, choosing a spell or action when it's your turn.

To win the Stance round, you have to predict what you think your opponent will choose (sneaky, defensive, or aggressive) and select the stance that overpowers it.

  • Sneaky beats Defensive
  • Defensive beats Aggressive
  • Aggressive beats Sneaky

Though you can sometimes predict a character's stance (Merula chooses Aggressive a lot while Ben chooses Defensive a lot), it's not so clear. Sometimes, for example, Merula will choose Sneaky or Defensive. The Stance round is mostly based on chance.

Note: If you tie during a Stance Round, one point of Stamina is awarded to the person that has the lowest Stamina at the time.

During your action round, you'll be able to select one of two options.

  • If you choose Aggressive, you can either cast an attack spell or throw a vial.
  • If you choose Sneaky, you can cast a disarming spell or throw a vial.
  • If you choose Defensive, you can drink a healing potion, cast a defensive spell, or throw a vial.

You can see which action has more of an effect by reading the description under each one. Some actions reduce an opponent's stamina by a small amount or medium amount, for example.

The best way to spend energy in lessons

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

You've probably noticed by now that, during lessons, you're given a couple of options for spending your energy. You may be able to listen to a teacher or take a break or write down notes. Each option requires a different amount of energy. Some are low-energy actions, while others are energy hogs.

When you start a lesson, use higher-costing actions. Try to keep one or more low-cost actions in the wings so you can use them when you get close to a mid-lesson star. They don't carry over to the next section of the meter.

For example, when you start a lesson, pick an action that costs four or five stars. Do so a second or third time. Then, when your meter is very close to the first star of a multi-star lesson, pick an action that only costs one or two stars. This way, your energy isn't going to waste.

That being said, the more energy you spend, the more experience points and gold your character earns. If you are in a lesson that is 3 or 8 hours long, you're going to have to replenish your energy no matter what, so you can use this to your advantage by selecting the higher energy costing actions throughout the lesson to increase your experience points and gallons faster.

How to 'Focus' in a lesson

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

During lessons, you'll be asked by a teacher to "focus." What to do has caused some confusion, so I'll explain here.

There is an outline of two circles in the center of the screen. There is also a ring that pulses in and out. It will increase and decrease in sizes, at one point lining up inside the two circle outlines.

Tap the screen while the ring is within the two circles (the ring turns green) to get "Brilliant."

Pro tip: If you place your finger on the screen at any time after the Focus starts, you can simply lift your finger when the ring turns green. It works the same as tapping!

How to increase your Energy limit

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

You can permanently increase your maximum number of energy points. During the first year, you'll earn up to three permanent point increases by taking flying lessons.

It's a good idea to try to increase your energy cap as soon as possible, so take flying lessons as often as you can, even before completing story chapters. This will give you those few extra energy points you might need to get through an entire lesson.

Take lessons whenever you can to increase your attributes and character level

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

You don't have to wait for the story to prompt you to take lessons. You can continue learning potions, charms, and flying whenever you want. You can also take longer lessons to increase the amount of attribute points (Courage, Empathy, and Knowledge) you earn and generate some well-needed House Points.

You can choose the length of time it takes to complete lessons from 1, 5, or 8 hours long. The longer the lesson, the more attributes and House Points you're capable of earning. So if you've got the time, choose a long lesson. You just have to be vigilant in keeping track of how often your energy replenishes.

How to avoid paying for microtransactions

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

This game is set up to put you in a position to feel compelled to make microtransactions to continue playing the game. Don't be tricked into buying energy. It's just not worth it. The key is to be vigilant and have patience.

Some things to think about before going into a new lesson:

  • If you're about to level up, select a longer-lasting lesson. You'll replenish your entire energy stock when you level up, so you'll get twice as many actions!
  • Don't claim free energy until you need it. Leave it unclaimed while you're in a lesson. You can collect it when you need to during your lesson.
  • If you're close to completing a lesson, pop back in after 10 - 20 minutes instead of waiting for a full energy replenishment. This will get you through a lesson faster and you'll feel like you've progressed somewhat, which is less frustrating than waiting an hour-and-a-half each time you run out of energy.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Every player has a unique identification number. It appears in the upper right corner of the screen during the game's loading page. You can also find it in your settings section by tapping the gear icon in the game.

It's a good idea to write down the player ID and keep it safe. If something happens to your game, especially if you are not linked to Facebook, your player ID should be able to help get your data restored (though, I can't guarantee it).

If something happens to your game save and game data, you can contact Jam City for help.

A few more tips and tricks

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

  • Place your finger on the screen during a Focus (don't lift your finger). When the focus ring is within the circle outline, lift your finger. It's the same as tapping, but you don't have to be so fast!
  • Set an alarm for 1 hour and 40 minutes whenever you run out of energy. You'll just about replenish your energy stack (25 points takes 100 minutes to replenish).
  • It's very important to raise your attributes early on. It will affect your ability to interact with characters in the story. If you don't have a high enough attribute to answer a question, you may lose out on the chance to interact with that character at a later point in the game. Level up those attributes!
  • Always choose skill points whenever possible. The higher your skills, the more options you have when talking to teachers, who could ultimately reward you with house points.
  • Take extra lessons whenever possible to earn House Points.
  • Don't spend coins on cosmetic upgrades at first. Wait until your coffers are really full. You'll need to spend coins on lessons, duels, and leveling up friendships. It would be a bummer if you couldn't play a game with Penny because you spent all of your money on that new hairdo.

Updated June 2018: Added additional locations where energy points can be found.

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