Best early Black Friday Apple deals: Supercharge your Apple Watch with three discounted MagSafe chargers

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Apple Watch batteries haven’t really improved since the first model launched, with modern models giving about a day's life on a charge. If you’re on holiday or hiking, or anywhere else that means you might not be near a power outlet, and you’re worried your Apple Watch will conk out before you want it to, then you’ll find yourself in a spot of bother.

Where to find Early Black Friday Apple Watch Deals

That is unless you grab a portable charger for the watch, one that has a built-in charging pad for the Apple Watch to charge without the need for a bulky cable. There are some great options out there as well, with loads of options for every person and every budget.

Or maybe you want to avoid cable clutter next to your bed, and have one cable and device to charge most of your devices — whatever you’re looking for, there’s a charging device for it.

And now, with Black Friday around the corner, you can get some money off some of iMore’s favorite Apple Watch chargers, with some great deals across the board. We’ve gathered three of the best offers we’ve seen so far so that you can choose a deal that suits you.

Apple MagSafe Duo | $129$99 at Amazon

Apple MagSafe Duo | $129 $99 at Amazon

The Apple MagSafe Duo is great because it will charge both your iPhone and Apple Watch with two different pads. There’s a MagSafe puck for your phone, and then an Apple Watch charger next to it. It needs to be plugged into the wall, but it’s great if you’re staying in a hotel and want to keep baggage down. This $30 saving is a good one as well, giving you a much-needed saving.

iWALK Portable Apple Watch Charger | $45$39 at Amazon

iWALK Portable Apple Watch Charger | $45 $39 at Amazon

This is for those times when you’re out and about, and need to charge your watch when it completely drains itself. Slap your watch on the portable battery bank, and watch that charging status fill up with lovely battery juice. While $5 doesn’t seem like much of a saving, it’s still nice to get some money off.

Newdery Apple Watch Charger | $40$20 at Amazon

Newdery Apple Watch Charger | $40 $20 at Amazon

This is another charger like the one above, although it has a cool transparent surface on the front. There are also USB ports so that you can charge other devices as well, like your iPhone. To get the $20 off this charger you’ll need to use the little voucher tick box, but then you’ll be away and saving.

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