The Apple Watch Ultra might be getting a black version, and now I regret buying a Natural Titanium one

Apple Watch Ultra Black Strap leak
(Image credit: @DongleBookPro)

Ever since the first Apple Watch Ultra was released, you’ve only been able to get one in a single color — that natural, silvery Titanium. It’s a very classy shade for a very classy watch, but having options is always a nice bonus, like the myriad colors available with the Series 9 and the SE. That could be about to change, however, with an image of a strap that’s been posted to X — with a very ‘black’ looking link connector on the end.

Posted to X by user DongleBookPro, it’s of an Alpine Loop band in the indigo color variant, albeit with black bits where the normal Natural Titanium connectors would normally go. That, unfortunately, is it — no more information, no leaks, nothing, just the image of a strap, on X, from a single account. But I sure do hope it's true.

New colors on the horizon?

Dongle isn’t necessarily a leaker, although the poster has put pictures online of different products that may or may not come out. This image, again, isn’t much to go by — there’s a picture of the strap and a small piece of paper with a number on it. As far as leaks go, it’s at least a high-quality picture, but as a suggestion of what we might get in the future, it’s less useful.

It’s not completely beyond the realm of possibility. The MacBook Pro line recently received a Space Black option, and it would match two of the most popular colors that the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max can be nabbed in (Black Titanium and Natural Titanium). There were also rumors, and even a leaked prototype, of a black Apple Watch Ultra before the launch of the second generation last year — including the idea of a mid-life refresh. Could that be what this strap represents?

Unfortunately, to really get a good idea of what’s coming, we might have to wait for something more solid.

But it really does get the tastebuds going, doesn’t it? I recently bought myself an Apple Watch Ultra 2, as my data and device contracts wrapped up after two years. I love the Watch: The only time it’s left my wrist since I bought it has been to charge it up. I, however, am a big fan of black devices — from my phone to my Xbox to the black plates I have on the side of my PS5, I like tech to be night-bound. A black Ultra? That just makes me sad that mine isn’t.

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