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You may hate to admit it, but like most people, you probably also use your phone before bed. And while you swear it's just for passing time prior to snoozing, before you know it, you've wasted precious minutes, maybe even hours, scrolling through your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook feeds. As a result? You're cranky in the morning and your productivity plummets at work.

The blue light that computers and smartphones emit makes it harder for anyone to fall asleep, so instead of compromising your sleep tapping and scrolling on social media, why not use an app that helps you get a good night's rest instead? Relax Melodies was designed to function as a sleep and meditation sound generator, capable of helping you fall asleep in mere minutes.

Here's a sneak peek of how it works:

The app, which was rated 4.8 stars on the App Store and 4.6 stars on Google Play, combines soothing sounds, bedtime stories, breathing techniques, body-mind exercises, and other sleep-facilitating mechanisms for you to listen to. Recommended by leading doctors and neuropsychologists, its vast collection of soothing content is also aimed at alleviating conditions like insomnia, tinnitus, night-time anxiety. It can even contribute to lowering your everyday stress, making it perfect to use after a particularly grueling day in the office.

Usually $250, a lifetime subscription to Relax Melodies is now on sale for $124.99 — a savings of 50 percent.