HomeKit wireless chips begin shipping to device manufacturers

Both Texas Instruments and Broadcom have begun shipping their WiFi and Bluetooth chips to device manufacturers who want to partake in Apple's HomeKit program for home automation. Part of HomeKit's requirements is that devices must ship with approved Bluetooth or WiFi chips from Texas Instruments, Broadcom, or Marvell, and now two of the three chip partners have begun shipping.

In a report, Forbes details that the chips have begun shipping:

These chipmakers have begun shipping their chips loaded with HomeKit firmware to device manufacturers, Broadcom and Texas Instruments have confirmed to me. That means we could begin seeing HomeKit-certified devices show up on store shelves sometime soon.

Though originally announced at WWDC earlier this year, HomeKit has not launched yet. As the protocol for HomeKit has not yet been updated, firmware on these chips will likely get updated prior to launch.

Source: Forbes

Chuong H Nguyen