Homeland being added to UK and Ireland Netflix today, there goes the weekend!

British and Irish folks looking for a weekend Netflix binge need look no further than Homeland. The first two seasons of the smash hit show are being added to the UK and Ireland Netflix collection today, March 13, for the very first time. Until now we've been able to get episodes pretty much as they air via the iTunes Store, but at a considerably higher price than a monthly Netflix subscription.

Homeland isn't the only new show making its ways to British and Irish Netflix screens, either. Also being added today are the first two seasons of American Horror Story.

I've not seen American Horror Story before, but Homeland is one of my absolute favorite shows on television. If you've never seen it – and you're a Netflix subscriber – I can't recommend checking it out enough. At the time of writing it doesn't seem to have been loaded up, so keep your eyes peeled throughout the day. Who's joining me in a weekend Homeland marathon?

via Digital Spy

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