Hotel Tonight introduces Escape and GeoRates to let you be spontaneous without draining your bank account

With work schedules becoming busier, and vacations getting harder to plan in advance, Hotel Tonight wants to make it easier and more affordable to book a spontaneous getaway without draining your bank account. With two new features, Escape and GeoRates, Hotel Tonight is making it even easier to find the best weekend getaways, while offering a new way to save some additional money on top of their already low rates. The company describes its new Escape feature as:

A new way to discover the best driving-distance getaways for the weekend ahead or for that very night (because what's more spontaneous than getting away right now?). While it's always been ridiculously simple to find and book a great hotel on HT, 'Escape' makes it even easier to help you discover and embark on amazing nearby adventures by scouring the universe of HT deals and highlighting our top picks of nearby getaway hotels and destinations.

Finding a place is half the battle, the other half is having the funds to afford it. While Hotel Tonight already offers some great deals on pricing, its latest feature, GeoRates, brings even more discounts. With GeoRates customers will find additional savings when they are in the area of a hotel, and the later in the day the steeper the discounts.

You'll find them for same-day bookings after 12-noon when you're near a hotel (look for even lower rates after 6pm!), or any time you're in a place hotels are looking to get more bookings from, like airports, train stations, or cities outside the hotel's location (they're excited for you to come visit). These exclusive location-based discounts help hotels fill their empty rooms, and encourage you to have a little more fun in your life.

Both of these new features are included in the latest update to the app, which is available as a free download from the App Store.

Source: Hotel Tonight

Jared DiPane

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