How to fix 'iTunes Store not available' error on Apple TV

One of the biggest things that complicates Apple TV — and iTunes in general — is the content delivery networks that serve up all the movies, TV shows, music, apps, and podcasts. Which individual server has what and when can lead to search results not populating and purchased content not showing as available. It can even lead to the dreaded 'iTunes Store currently unavailable' for some TV shows when it's perfectly available for others. Here's how to fix it.

How to work around an 'iTunes Store not available' error on Apple TV

If you go to the purchased section of iTunes TV shows and try to play an episode, and you get the above error, try this instead:

  1. Scroll up to "See more on iTunes"
  2. Click to go to the show listing in the iTunes Store
  3. Click on the same episode there
  4. Play away

Nine times out of ten, it really is that simple. The episode is there, and it's available, it's just having trouble in the purchased section.

And yes, this is the same solution to playing episodes you've been notified are available but just aren't showing up in the purchased section.

Hopefully the next Apple TV update update will fix this, and the "Network connection" false-positives as well.