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Whether by a plane, train, or automobile, traveling over the holidays can fast become a frustrating experience, especially if you have kids. To make the trip less stressful for everyone involved consider these tips.

Magic bag

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Traveling with kids young and old is all about creating distractions. For this, put together an activity bag for your younger children, which should include coloring books, crayons, stickers, and similar items. Make sure their favorite stuffed animal is also there for snuggling or get a new one to surprise them during your trip.

Recommended goodies:

Audio hookups

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Older kids, especially those with mobile devices, will probably want to listen to music or stream video content during the trip. Make sure they have a solid pair of headphones or earbuds for this purpose. If these are wireless, check the battery life before leaving home. Better yet, get truly wireless earphones that come with a rechargeable case. You don't have to buy expensive AirPods as there are other solutions that won't break the bank.

Whatever you do, make sure there are enough headphones for everyone. Otherwise, let the complaining begin!

About those gadgets

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It shouldn't come as a surprise that iPhones and iPads make great travel buddies for kids. While every kid on the planet would appreciate a brand new device ahead of a trip, you can also loan them your device to use during your journey. Regardless, make the device is stocked with awesome games and streaming apps. Cover both points by getting a subscription to Apple Arcade and Disney Plus. You'll be happy you did!

You should also pack battery packs to charge your devices on the go. Otherwise, your iPhone will fast become a very expensive paperweight.

Old fashioned games

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If you plan on avoiding gadget use on your trip, consider buying a few travel games for your journey. These are available for various age groups and cover different themes. Travel games are inexpensive yet made for wear-and-tear.

For those of a certain age, playing board games was an important part of growing up. The activity isn't as popular with today's youth. With that in mind, use this time to introduce your favorite games to your kids by packing some travel versions of the classics. These could include Pop-O-Matic Trouble, Yahtzee to Go, travel Scrabble, and more.

Are you looking for more? Check out Amazon's large selection of travel-based games.

Stock the snacks

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Family travel adventures are especially troublesome with empty stomachs. Depending on your mode of transportation, be sure to pack healthy snacks for the family. Bottles of water are also essential, but hand them out sparingly so you're not stopping on the road every hour. If you're flying to your destination, get your food and snacks at the airport or make sure those tummies are full before boarding.

For your younger kids, avoid snacks with high sugar. Instead, pack snacks that are nutritious and won't stick on their hands. With this in mind, carry along some hand sanitizer and wipes to avoid germs.

Deep breath

The holidays aren't just for kids even though it might feel that way. To better enjoy your journey, pack or download your favorite book or listen to a relaxation app on your mobile device. When in doubt, check out our list of the best apps for traveling for the holidays!. A nice travel pillow is also helpful.


What tips do you have to create a better travel experience for families? Let us know below.

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