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When you update Apple TV to tvOS 14, you won't even notice a lot of the changes because they are so subtle. There are, however, some pretty awesome new features that you should read about in our tvOS 14 review. Before you click the "update" button on your Apple TV, there are a few things you should do to prepare.

Clean up before you back up

You can't back up an Apple TV in the traditional sense, but you can make sure your movies, apps, and TV shows are synced across your devices. So before you go ahead with backing up your Apple TV's content, clean it up.

Get rid of unwanted apps and clean up your Home screen a bit before updating. While you're at it, check out your movie and TV show library; if there's stuff in there you no longer have a need for, get rid of it too. That way, after you update, you won't be syncing over anything extraneous.

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Back it up

Like I said, you can't back up your Apple TV in the traditional sense. You can, however sync content via Home Sharing and iCloud, which helps secure all of your apps, music, movies, TV shows, and photos. Before you update Apple TV perform this syncing version of a backup.

How to back up your Apple TV

Any questions?

If you're having trouble preparing your Apple TV for the update to tvOS 14, let us know in the comments. We've also got some recommendations for the best Apple TV accessories to help make your TV and movie watching experience the best it can be.

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