How to repair or replace your HomePod


Apple's HomePod is a surprisingly small, surprisingly loud, and surprisingly heavy speaker. It's packed with tweeters, microphones, and other audio hardware all susceptible to physical damage (especially if you find yourself moving it around a lot). It's also packed with Siri and other HomePod-specific software that, while not susceptible to drops, is always susceptible to software bugs. If you're having trouble connecting to your HomePod or are dealing with a bit of physical damage, here are the best ways to repair or replace your speaker.

How to repair your HomePod

Apple Music HomePod

Apple Music HomePod (Image credit: iMore)

Having some trouble with your HomePod and want to try to tackle the problem yourself? Before you schedule an appointment with Apple Support, there are some troubleshooting tips and tricks to try.

Troubleshoot your HomePod

The HomePod setup process is super simple — if you can get your iPhone or iPad to connect to it. If you're having trouble getting that initial connection, running into issues with Siri, struggling to stream over AirPlay, or finding yourself unable to control your HomeKit-enabled accessories with HomePod, we've got a guide that'll help you out with all that and more.

How to troubleshoot HomePod

Clean your HomePod

You bought the white HomePod, didn't you? Thanks to the acoustically transparent fabric surface of the HomePod (and it's sneaky siren call that seems to sing "pick me up, hold me in your hands"), you may find yourself in an ongoing battle with dust, lint, fingerprints, and any other debris. Here's what you need to know about cleaning your HomePod.

How to clean your HomePod

How to keep your HomePod from marking its territory

Yeah, so that new HomePod of yours? Turns out it may leave white rings on the wood surfaces in your home. If you'd rather it not do that, check out our guide on keeping your surfaces protected from the dreaded white ring.

How to stop HomePod and Sonos One from leaving white rings on wood furniture

Pro-tip: Don't try to take apart your HomePod

… do as we say, not as we do. Your HomePod is fit to burst with electronic components that have been precisely placed for the best possible audio output. It's also covered in that acoustic mesh we talked about before. Oh, and iFixit gave the HomePod a 1/10 repairability score, which basically means that you should leave repairs to the professionals.

If all hope is lost, there is an answer to your problems …

How to replace your HomePod

HomePod and iPhone

HomePod and iPhone (Image credit: iMore)

If you've misplaced your HomePod (must've been quite the party), broken it in some way (really must've been quite the party), or are faced with a manufacturing issue, then you've got some options other than simply buying a whole new speaker.

  • If you've got Apple Care+ and your issue is an incident of accidental damage, you'll pay a $39 service fee.
  • If your issue is covered under warranty, AppleCare+, or consumer law, there will be no charge to repair or replace your HomePod.
  • If your HomePod is out of warranty, Apple charges a $279 fee.

In order to facilitate the replacement, you're going to need the following:

You can start the replacement process by setting up an appointment at an Apple Store or by contacting Apple to set up a mail-in service request. Visit Apple's HomePod Service and Repair page to get the process started.

If you do go for the mail-in option and want to have a replacement HomePod in hand as quickly as you can, Apple offers an Express Replacement Service. Apple will ship you a replacement HomePod and you'll be required to send in your original speaker within 10 business days. Apple will place a temporary authorization on your credit card equal to the full replacement value of your HomePod and it'll expire if the following conditions are met:

  • Your repair is covered under warranty, an AppleCare plan, or consumer law
  • Apple receives your HomePod within 10 business days

Questions about repairing or replacing your HomePod?

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