Valentine's Day

I am one of those people that don't celebrate Valentine's Day. It's not because I don't have a significant other or because I hate people that are in love. I've just never considered it to be important to my relationship. Plus, trying to find a restaurant that isn't packed on Valentine's Day is nearly impossible. Amirite?

If you go out of your way to avoid the Couple's Holiday like I do, I've got some suggestions on how you can keep the entertainment flowing without having to fight through mounds of chocolate.

Get your dinner delivered


Believe me, you do not want to try to go out to dinner on Valentine's Day. Every restaurant will be crowded and staff will be cranky. Just skip the whole going out thing and have a nice dinner at home. If you don't already have fixin's for a fine meal, you can order food and have it delivered.

If I'm not getting vittles from a place that traditionally offers delivery (like pizza), I'll check out Grubhub to see what restaurants in my neighborhood are supported. You could also try DoorDash or Postmates.

These delivery services are great because you can find a wide variety of dishes. Whether it's pasta, sushi, burgers, or pie, you can find something to satisfy your craving without having to book a table.

Rent a movie

Movies on Apple TV

Another venue that will be stuffed with couples on Valentine's Day is your local movie theater. There will be plenty of passionate people holding hands and sharing popcorn while watching the latest love story. Skip it.

Instead, rent or buy a movie on iTunes or Amazon. The key here is to actually rent or buy a movie. Don't just settle for whatever you can stream via one of your subscription services like Netflix or Hulu. Do something special and actually pay for that movie you've always wanted to see but were waiting for it to show up on HBO. Treat yourself.

I highly suggest investing in Apple TV if you haven't already. With it, you have access to every single movie and TV show in iTunes. It's like having the world's largest second-run movie theater in your living room.

If you live in the U.S. and have a subscription to Amazon Prime, you can also rent or buy movies from the website directly. Those rentals or purchases will show up in your Movies queue in the Amazon Prime Video app on Apple TV. The thing I love about Amazon's movie and TV selection is that it's packed with older, lesser known movies, like funny horror films, spaghetti westerns, and silent-era classics.

Play some video games

Video Games

Nothing passes time like playing a deeply immersive video game for hours on end. Grab some game snacks and a beverage and settle in for a long night of gaming. If you're a lone wolf, pull out your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One and play the Witcher 3 or Life is Strange. Find a classic title you've loved since you were a kid or try a new game that's been on your want list.

If you're hanging with a friend or significant other, you can team up for some great video game fun, too. Grab your Switch and settle in for a night of multiplayer LAN or online gameplay.

If you don't own a console system, you don't have to feel left out. There are thousands of games you can play on your iPhone, iPad, and even Apple TV.

Go for a drive


There is a sense of simple satisfaction when you can take some time to get away from it all. On Valentine's Day, you can hop in your car and hit the road for a long, relaxing drive. Don't plan it. Just drive.

Use Google Maps to help navigate you outside of the city limits. Head for the hills or the beach and make sure to take the windiest roads and avoid the freeways as much as possible.

If you're lucky enough to have a CarPlay compatible ride, make sure to take advantage of the onboard entertainment. Listen to sports news, binge your favorite podcasts, or stream your lone wolf playlist on Spotify.

Finish that book you were reading


You know what makes for a great evening? Sitting down with a good book. It's something that a lot of us don't take the time to do anymore. We're so busy rushing around, missing out on the world around us. You've probably started at least one (or half a dozen) book recently that you haven't had time to finish. Valentine's Day is the perfect reason to forget about the real world and enter the world of your imagination (Sorry. I watched a lot of Reading Rainbow as a kid).

Even if you don't have a good book lying around, you can easily pick one up in the iBookstore. Practically any book you've ever wanted to read is available.

Don't want to tire your eyes out reading? Not a problem. You can listen to a good audiobook instead. Don't ever let anyone tell you that listening to an audiobook is somehow less important than reading. It's the same thing. It's just someone else's voice saying the words in your head.

What are you doing?

Do you have any special plans for avoiding Valentine's Day? Let us know what they are. Maybe we'll get inspired.

Updated February 2018: Replaced UberEats with Postmates and added information about Nintendo Switch.

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