HomeKit on iPhone

What you need to know

  • Some of IKEA's smart blinds are on sale now.
  • Only some stores have stock, though.
  • Not not all of them have all sizes, either.

IKEA has made a bit of a farce out of releasing its smart blinds in the United States. There have been delays and the initial HomeKit support has been canned until a later date, too. But now you can at least pick up the blinds themselves so long as you happen to live near the correct store.

A number of smart home fans have taken to Reddit (via HomeKit Hero) to point out that their local stores have smart blinds in stock. Although it isn't many of them and even then, not all of them have all sizes available.

Right now it seems the following combination of stores and models is all we have to work with:

  • Burbank, CA – 30″ and 32″ sizes
  • Covina, CA – 30″ and 32″ sizes
  • Fishers, Indiana – 30″ and 32″ sizes
  • Twin Cities, Minnesota – 30″ only
  • Draper, Utah – Both 30″ and 32″ sizes

You can't buy these online yet, and we'd suggest checking local stock before making a trip to an IKEA store.

Given the time it's taken to get the blinds into the wild we're not sure how confident we are on IKEA's claims that the erstwhile HomeKit support will arrive eventually. But if it does these blinds might be a great way of extending your HomeKit setup, especially if you're already in the market for new blinds.