One More Thing indie iOS app dev conference videos now online

Anthony Agius of MacTalk recently ran the One More Thing Conference down under and has just put up all the video for those of us who couldn't be there live.

There are videos from iOS developers such as Matt Comi (The Incident), James Cuda (Procreate), Marc Edwards (Sideways, Consume) and other leading developers, who tell their story of planning, developing and successfully selling their iOS apps. All of them are full time indie iOS developers, who make a living off the App Store. It's a goldmine of info for those wanting to become indie iOS devs!

Check them out via the link below. And while I can't put my finger on it, that Marc Edwards chap seems awfully familiar...

[One More Thing]

Marc Edwards (Bjango) - One More Thing Conference 2011 from One More Thing on Vimeo.

Rene Ritchie

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