And the iOS4 app updates just keep on coming. We're finding more and more by the day. Whether it's adding support for the iPhone 4's awesome retina display or taking advantage of new APIs within iOS4, we're still watching for them. Here's the ones we found this time around, and as always, if you see any we missed, be sure to let us know in the comments!


Readdle is an incredibly easy to use app that allows you to not only view all kinds of files right on your iPhone, but also allows you to manage and save attachments. It's one of the better apps we've found to handle documents, not to mention reasonably priced. Not only did Readdle's newest update add multitasking support, it also adds support for USB file transfer through iTunes. Better yet, you can now save attachments via the Mail app.

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WeeMee Avatar Creator

WeeMee is an incredibly cool app that allows you to create your own avatars on the fly.  (I bet all of you could have guessed who the above avatar was without a name attached!) It's a great time killer and an awesome way to express yourself on Twitter or whatever social medium you choose. This update fixed a couple bugs found in their initial iOS4 update. It also adds tons of in-app purchases to choose from. If you decide to check it out, let us know!

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Wolfram Alpha

If you need a hardcore math application that can handle any formula or calculation you throw at it, Wolfram Alpha is definitely for you. Leanna reviewed this app a while back and had good things to say about it. I don't know nearly as much about math as she does, so coming from her, you know it's decent. I use this app for easy to semi-complicated formulas and it's always performed incredibly well. This update adds support for the iPhone 4's retina display as well as optimized images. It also adds multitasking support for fast app switching.

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Trism is a long time favorite on the iPhone platform. It was released not long after the app store initially launched and it's still a favorite of mine. It takes a newer approach on puzzle games like Tetris. This version of Trism adds HD puzzle pieces to support the iPhone 4's retina display.  So if you're in the mood for a game that never gets old and never ends, Trism is definitely a great time killer at a great price.

[iTunes Link]

Reel Director

Reel Director was here before iMovie for iPhone 4, and unlike Apple's offering it supports not only older iPhone models but iPod touch and iPad as well. That's right, it's a universal binary and the latest update includes:

  • Import music from iPod music library (iOS 4 only)
  • Support iPhone 4 retina display
  • Upload to YouTube within app
  • Improved HD video quality on iPhone 4
  • Improved photo render quality

[iTunes link]

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