As you all know by now, we're still watching for iOS4 updates that crop up in the app store, and as always, if you guys see interesting ones, feel free to let us know.  Here's the ones we found in the last week or so, and if you haven't checked for updates, go check that update tab and let us know if you caught something we didn't!


Osfoora has taken the place as my favorite Twitter client (for now anyways). They received an iOS4 update we covered a few weeks back, but this one is even better. It adds full retina display support for the iPhone 4 and boy is it pretty. The whole app got somewhat of a facelift as well. The text really pops and the main menus have been revamped. So if you haven't updated, go for it, or if you are looking for a Twitter client, Osfoora is definitely one of the best around.

[iTunes Link]


Agendus is basically an all-in-one app for all the important information on your phone. It basically intertwines your contacts, calendars, and apps into one native app. If you've always wanted something that would do this, Agendus is more than decent. The new version adds iOS4 support as well as a new high res icon.

[iTunes Link]


Reeder is one of my favorite RSS clients. If you don't have one and want a full featured one with Google Reader integration, there's a good chance Reeder will do what you need it to, and then some. This update adds support for the iPhone 4 retina display. The icon just looks so fancy on my homescreen now, as well as all my articles being incredibly sharp. Good job on this one guys, it's an awesome update.

[iTunes Link]

AT&T MyWireless

AT&T just pushed through an update to their MyWireless app that adds retina support for the iPhone 4. This app basically allows you to view usage, manage features, and even pay your bill via the app. I've been using it to pay my bill for quite a while now. Pretty convenient. If you're an AT&T customer, go ahead and pick it up, it's free.

[iTunes Link]


Pano is an awesome app to stitch together pics on the go. It'll save them directly in your camera roll. The interface is dead easy to use and once you snap a pic it'll give you guides to line up your next shot with the previous one. This update fixed several bugs and crashes. Mine was continuously crashing under iOS4 but it doesn't anymore. If you guys noticed anything different than iOS4 compatibility in this one, let us know!

[iTunes Link]

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