Is the iPad App Store coming up blank for you? You're not alone!

The App Store icon bages displays 2 pending, but the update screen is blank for the past 2 days. Same deal on my wife's iPad.TurboTiger, iMore forums specialist

We're been getting multiple reports from readers that the iOS App Store on the iPad is coming up blank for them for the last couple of days. The iPhone and iPod touch seem unaffected. Some reports say the entire App Store fails to load, while others say only the Updates tab fails to load. Either way, it's frustrating for those experiencing it.

In iOS 6 and earlier, the App Store is a web app in a native app wrapper, so everything inside the window, the entire interface, gets fed from an online source, so if there's a problem on the server, there's a problem with the interface.

Hopefully whatever's wrong gets fixed and soon. In the meantime, iMore forums members are tracking the problem. If you're having the problem, let me know, and if and when it starts working again, let me know as well.

Rene Ritchie

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