Apple's iPad revenue fell by 25% last year, but for one obvious reason

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iPad sales have dropped significantly year over year, but things are expected to change for the better very soon with the potential launch of the next iPad. 

In Apple’s earnings call Thursday, an almost hour-long presentation going over sales figures and the expected results of the next year, Tim Cook revealed the sales of the iPad. In this, he talked about its unique strengths and accounted for why it has underperformed.

In the call, he said: “Revenue for the December quarter was 7 billion dollars, down 25 percent year over year due to a difficult [compare] with the launch of the M2 iPad Pro and the 10th generation iPad during the December quarter last year and one less week of sales”. 

The M2 iPad Pro and iPad 10 both launched in October 2022. After talking about this downtrend, he assured investors that the “iPad remains the most versatile, capable, and elegant tablet on the market today”. Apple didn’t release a new iPad model in 2023 so those sales were just for older models. Luckily, there’s a new iPad on the way that is anticipated to fix this trend. 

What’s next?

Apple's next best iPad, the OLED iPad Pro is said to start production this month for a launch in March or April, coming with both an 11-inch and 13-inch screen. The decline in iPad sales could be linked to consumers waiting for the next big upgrade and not finding it in 2023. 

As well as having an OLED screen, it’s more than likely the next iPad Pro will have the new M3 chip, as the last iPad Pro received the M2 chip. If you are looking for an excuse to upgrade or finally commit to an Apple tablet, the soon-to-be-released OLED iPad Pro could be perfect for you. 

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  • Wotchered
    The reason is that iPads last a long time and perform so well that people see little need to change them.
  • FFR
    iPads are doing great for their upgrade cycle or lack there of last year.

    Mac revenue $7.78B
    iPad revenue $7.02B
  • Wotchered
    Good, I believe that the base models are a really good, Value product.
  • FFR
    Extremely good.

    Probably why consumers are using mobile over traditional computing.