Those fancy new iPad colors have just received their biggest discount yet at Amazon

iPad 2022
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The latest iPad came out only a month ago, but Amazon has now chopped $50 off the price in the run-up to the holidays. This $50 discount has been seen on a couple of colors at B&H Photo during Black Friday, but this Amazonian discount is the lowest the larger retailer has seen. This is the first time that all the colors are reduced as well - last time it was just the silver. A lovely shiny iPad bargain for holidays? Yes, please.

Save $50 on the new 10th-gen iPad at Amazon

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iPad 10th-gen | $449 $399 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

This price on the 10.9-inch iPad is the lowest it has been at Amazon, beating out the previous lowest by around $30. This brings the iPad (just) below $400, and it's on all colors as well. The only time the iPad has been around this price before was over Black Friday at B&H Photo - and the reduction didn't stick around for long.

This refresh of the iPad 2022 brought a whole bundle of cool new features to the base model of the iPad. It now looks a lot more like the more expensive iPad Air, with all the svelte curves and big screen you could ask for. There's a whole bunch of new colors, including a very fetching yellow that looks gold in person.

There's more performance from a new (to this iPad) A14 Bionic chip, along with a new camera module on the back that bumps up the megapixels to 12. You can use it with the first-generation Apple Pencil if you want to do some drawing, and there's even support for a useful keyboard case so that you can get some work done on that 10.9-inch screen. It's also a fair bit more expensive than the previous base model iPad - around $130 more when full price. We'd say the upgrades are worth it, and this price drop makes it an even more tempting idea.

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