iPhone 2.2: More Leaks With App Store Tweaks?

On Saturday we covered some MobileSafari browser makeovers for iPhone 2.2, now it looks like its the on-board App Store app that's getting a (minor) fresh coat of paint. Apple Insider reports on the changes:

Among them is a new categories page that will feature large category icons -- not yet functional -- and more generous spacing between each listing. [As well as] shifting the "Tell a Friend" option from the title bar to just below the reviews summary, and adding a "Report a Problem" function that will allow shoppers to inform the company of problematic apps.

Neither of these are the unified inbox or searchable email I was hoping for, let alone cut and paste, but before jumping to conclusions, we'll let Apple take a few more of these tiny little steps...

For now.

Rene Ritchie

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