iPhone 2.2: Podcast Downloads Enabled + App Store Tweaks

We've heard about podcast downloads being added to iPhone OS 2.2 before, but now Macrumors (via Shimanke.com -- check out their screenshots) has more details how the process will work. In response to Chad's fears of overwhelming AT&T's fragile 3G network (aka "rabbit ears"), it looks like cell downloads will be limited to podcasts under 10MB, the same limitation currently imposed on App Store purchases over 3G. Both audio and video podcasts will be available for download, however, and on WiFi there's no limitation.

Could TV Shows and even Movies be next? And with Exchange, MobileMe, and other sync services storming the "clouds", what does this mean for the days of USB tethering to your Mac or PC?

Meanwhile, the App Store looks to have a cosmetic makeover, with categories now sporting the icons of some of their most popular Apps (i.e., Social Networking shows the Facebook icon).

Lastly, still no sign of Push Notification, which Macrumors hears via the whisper-net is still having "major issues". After the disastrous MobileMe rollout, could Apple be waiting to get it right the first time?

But hey, at least we're still getting all those Google Maps improvements!

Rene Ritchie

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